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In March 1945, Patton's army swept through southern Germany into Czechoslovakia—which he was stopped by the Allies from capturing, out of respect for the Soviets' postwar political plans for. Patton knew his entrance into German-occupied territory was of monumental historical importance. So he decided to imitate William the Conqueror's entrance into England before leading Norman forces in their heroic conquest of the entire island in 1066

In fact, on April 1, Germany's Foreign Armies West noted, It seems possible that [Patton] has taken command of the First or Ninth Army in England. Despite the Allies' best efforts, the Germans did not decide until mid-May—months after they concluded that the Allied invasion would land at Pas de Calais or in Belgium—that Patton had indeed taken command of FUSAG After the invasion, Patton headed the 3rd U.S. Army, broke through the German defence at Normandy and cleared a path across northern France, later crossing the Rhine and moving into heartland Germany and Austria. Patton died in December 1945 from injuries suffered in a car crash George Smith Patton Jr. (November 11, 1885 - December 21, 1945) was a general of the United States Army who commanded the U.S. Seventh Army in the Mediterranean theater of World War II, and the U.S. Third Army in France and Germany after the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.. Born in 1885, Patton attended the Virginia Military Institute and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point

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(1) When the entire Rhine front explodes into action the First Allied Airborne Army takes flight for the Westphalian plains. From an observation post Gen. E.. George Patton, in full George Smith Patton, Jr., (born November 11, 1885, San Gabriel, California, U.S.—died December 21, 1945, Heidelberg, Germany), U.S. Army officer who was an outstanding practitioner of mobile tank warfare in the European and Mediterranean theatres during World War II George Patton was a highly decorated war hero from WWII who led the Third Army to victory in many campaigns. After the war, General Patton was tasked with control of the larger portion of American occupied Germany, and his job was to dole out justice to the newly defeated enemy At a press conference in Regensburg, Germany, on May 8, 1945, immediately after Germany's surrender, Patton was asked whether he planned to treat captured SS troops differently from other German POW's. His answer was: No. SS means no more in Germany than being a Democrat in America — that is not to be quoted Harry Yeide. Fighting Patton: George S. Patton Jr. Through the Eyes of His Enemies. Zenith Press. $30.00. O f the allied world War II generals, George Patton may be considered the most German. He had carefully studied the early Blitzkrieg campaigns against Poland and France and shared the conviction of the Wehrmacht commanders that that a war of movement — short, sharp, and furious.

An eyewitness account of Patton's interrogation of a SS General. L ocated near the German border, the city of Metz had a population of about 100,000 in 1944 and was an important transportation, communication and administrative center. Metz had been overwhelmed by the German invasion of France in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian War Patton (second from left) with other American generals, 1945. 3. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. Perhaps one of the most famous quotes that people don't realize originated with Patton, this mantra summed up his style. 4. Do everything you ask of those you command. Patton led his soldiers by example In December 1945, General Patton broke his neck in a car crash near Mannheim, Germany. He died at the hospital in Heidelberg 12 days later on December 21, 1945. In 1947, his memoir, War as I Knew.

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Patton: [laughing] All right, all right. Tell him I'll drink to that. One son of a bitch to another! Quotes about Patton . The most refreshing thing about Patton is that here — I think for the first time — the subject matter and the style of the epic war movie are perfectly matched. War was, for Patton, his destiny and sometimes great fun George S. Patton (November 11, 1885-December 21, 1945) was an American Army general noted for winning battles in World Wars I and II. He first came to attention as a commander fighting Pancho Villa in Mexico and helped revolutionize the use of tanks in warfare. Despite his many successes, his aggressive, colorful personal style and his temper often caused issues with his superiors When the German army crashed through American lines in the Ardennes, General George S. Patton saw only opportunity. AS A YOUNG MAN, GEORGE S. PATTON, Jr., BELIEVED HE WAS DESTINED TO LEAD A GREAT ARMY in a desperate battle. In December 1944 it looked as though that belief would come true Patton finished a creditable fifth in the competition. Remarkably, it was the shooting element that let him down. In true Patton style he used his military .38-cal. revolver instead of the lighter .22-cal. favored by most of the athletes. Patton was also an expert fencer. He re-wrote the U.S. Army's manuals on swordsmanship, removing the parry Patton should have crown himself king of Germany like Bernadotte in Sweden. My favorite was Murat, I wish Napoléon forgave him for his betrayal and brought him to Waterloo instead of Grouchy. He did forgive Ney who ended up like Patton without the trial and the glorious patriotic execution, while the bravest of the brave might have saved the whole army during Russian retreat, just like.

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Patton Barracks Heidelberg, Germany. Patton Barracks is no longer strictly US; rather it is a joint, international base with detachments from a number of countries Patton is a 1970 American epic biographical war film about U.S. General George S. Patton during World War II.It stars George C. Scott as Patton and Karl Malden as General Omar Bradley.It was directed by Franklin J. Schaffner from a script by Francis Ford Coppola and Edmund H. North, who based their screenplay on Patton: Ordeal and Triumph by Ladislas Farago and Bradley's memoir, A Soldier's Story

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